What $100 BILLION can buy you...

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  1. this has happened before in history.

    i believe it was in Germany in the 1920s......... where people where pushing around wheel barrels piled high with money in order just to buy 1 loaf of bread.

    alot of the people were just using money to keep the stoves burning....... since it was cheaper to burn money than wood.

    Hitler soon after came into the scene.

    Ofcoure this is what happens when currency only "represents" the bullion.
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    Apparently the German firm that used to supply the paper for Zimbabwe's paper money has refused to supply any more. It's worthless and not even much good as toilet paper.

    Racialism gone bananas and ruined a once prosperous country.
    Sad to see that dreadful man Mugabe got a standing ovation from a meeting of African Union leaders not so long ago. Belatedly they have just managed some minor criticism !!!!!!!!!!
    Probably spurred on by the billions Britain and other do-gooder nations insist on pouring into the African black hole.
  3. A friend from South Africa visited Zimbabwe recently. According to him the defacto currency in the country is batteries or cigarettes. AA batteries could be exchanged for everything, cigarettes are best for bribes. The country's economy functions pretty much like a prison economy.
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    wheel barrow
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    yes but it should be barrel.
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    Africans are generally pretty hopeless. In the whole of Africa there is not even one decent Government. Their leaders are like that dangerous clown Idi Amin. Corrupt and viciously hanging onto power. They need help but their pride and attitude won't let them accept much, even well meant help. A similiar story to the unemployed. They will take handouts and blow most of it on drugs, booze etc.
    When the rest of the world becomes so short of food to fill the bellies of the starving millions the question will be asked - can the Africans be allowed to go on mis-managing their continent indefinately ?
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    MMM - an African will soon be President of USA - waht then?
  8. Shaqi, I am sure Humpy was referring to the tribal ways and africanisms that when combined with modernisation and attempts at democracy spoil Africa, rather than anything genetic. Take away a white baby from Europe and bring it up in africa tribe it will have tribal ways and visa versa.
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