what 1 thing told you today would be HARD and TANK?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by increasenow, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. what was the 1 thing that tipped you off that today would be hard to trade and it would tank???
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    Ben and GW called me before the market opened.
  3. Forget trading dude sorry but the more i see your posts the more I realise you will never be a trader go find something you maybe good at.
  4. 20th aniversary of black friday?
  5. Also, I was out of oranges for my breakfast... that's never a good sign.
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  7. option expiration
  8. =================
    More than 1[one] thing, none of which were predictions;
    [1]Average marketing time in Real estate here is 3-6 months.

    [2]Mike Masters/Jack Schwager book;
    average holding time for stock -market Marlin Fund [closed] is about 10 days

    [3]Pull backs are more likely, but not necessary/tank;
    with certain measurements above 50 day moving average.

    Wise question-increase now:cool:

    [4]Actually was more certain with many measurements[not a prediction] local RE trends;
    & downtrends of CFC, not a stock tip.Its a wonder CFC hasn't had more dead cat bounces.

  9. When the YM was down -300 I knew it was going to be a volatile day.