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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Aeroseal, Jan 14, 2009.

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    Hello all,

    I do not know if this is the right appropriate thread for this section but will still post it hoping someone will give me a feedback.

    With the current economic turmoil how would you go about chasing a target big wheel dealer investor? I have already scouted my prospective investor and tried lots of ways and means to get hold of him to no avail. In all fairness knowing how busy he is and the scumbag envious leeches that surround him, I am even lucky if I do get a five minutes hearing with him.

    Any innovative ways, means to get hold of him/her. Perhaps some of you have a model for successfully landing one?

    I have so far tried cross-functional ways and teams of experts, from informant college students, exclusive lounge waitress to even a beautiful escort.

    How far would you go or how creative should you be in pursuing this target. Is stalking an option? How about doing blue collar job, volunteering at the elite hangouts (golf clubs, tennis courts et al) hoping to get that 5 minutes you need with him. I don’t personally mind going lateral for now and even sweeping the floor if it will buy me that five minutes hearing I need with my target.

    In my case and with the benefit of hindsight, it is clear(atleast to me) that the market was a much riskier place few months ago and this particular investor I am targeting was throwing money at stocks with losses or barely any gains(close to 11% loss or around 900k). I do have a strategy and a potential alpha plan for him which will also make me a rich man.

    All in all my fellow ET folks, lets hear your ideas and smart money tactics on how to go about it. Appreciated.
  2. You going lateral is a good idea. Maybe even half way vertical (meaning your head rougly at the height of his waist).

    Good luck in acquiring your target, whichever way you choose to go, lateral or 1/2 way vertical.
  3. LVMises


    Did you just get hired at Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor?
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  5. First, 1 million is far from a whale. real hedge fund investors generally invest 10 to 50 million at a clip and are diversified across a selection of strategies. the cheap salesman like tactics you mention will simply not work with the ultra high net worths.

    you need to be able to articulate your edge, and your edge needs to one your investor can't replicate and hasn't heard from the countless others who pitch him ideas. simple long/short strategies will get you nowhere with sophisticated investors, regardless of your track record or ability. if you can accomplish what i stated, try sending him/her an email or letter. the other stuff is simply a waste of time.

    good luck!


    ps remember everyone thinks they have an edge -- only a very very few actually do.
  6. The movie Wall Street was about a guy in your position, you could take some clues from it...