Whacky muslims, at it again........

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  1. Don't these people have jobs?
  2. Lucrum


    I hear they have a flourishing fashion industry. They specialize in exploding attire.
  3. so long as Iran keeps supporting Hezbollah financially and by providing them with military equipment and weapons and pushing them to gain full power in Lebanon and eventually have them attack Israel, fights like this are going to go on for as long as Iran exists

    funny everyone knows Iran is supporting terrorists around the world, specially those in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon to have American and Israeli soldiers and people killed, but then you see Europe still kissing Iran's ass

    go Europe, maybe you can drag it long enough so that Iran can obtain nuclear weapons, most likely that is what Europe wants anyways, God knows what Europe's real plans are
  4. Strange, how nobody ever mentions syria in all this. It's iran, iran, was iraq, yet syria is the gateway for all of this stuff.

    Maybe its hand in glove, but proof is in the pudding, no?

    As for europe bashing, well stupid policy is universal. As for the appeasement of iran, i noticed russia were among the supposed appeasers...do you have any idea, how much russia hates muslims? It occurs to me, this wasnt an "appeasement" mission.

    Still, hand in glove works both ways, but for the tortured and physically improbable metaphor.
  5. because Syria is basically Iran's bitch, Iran owns many dogs around the world including the Hezbollah, Syria and Shittas in Iraq

    on the other hand one of main problems with Iran is the fight of USA, UK and Russia over that country

    with Russia and UK making the most money out of it. UK runs the mullahs, in other words UK is Allah, and Russia trying to get the best out of the fucked up status in Iran, sells whatever crap they have in stock at high prices to Iran. And USA is trying to establish democracy in that shit-hole, with all the hands in the country the probability of winning a regime change is low. And Europe's all confused on who's side to take, they want to make money by doing business with Iran but they don't want to turn their backs on America

    the best way to approach this is to create a food crisis in both Iran and Iraq and neighboring countries while making it look like it's their own fault, with the intention of completely wiping out their generation, obviously this won't really happen but it will paralyze and weaken them and kill most of their population and create mass hatred for one another

    if they could actually create a full travel ban on Iran, and so leaving no room for export or import to/from Iran, and probably even poison their clouds eventually killing their crops, they'd leave no room for them to breath. What if Iran attacked? Any attack even the smallest would be retaliated with a nuclear attack on major cities.

    it seems that America is trying to establish it's own culture in the ME, but it would be easier if they used Islam for their own benefit rather than trying to fight it

    all this would make splitting south of Iran (the oil rich region) an easier task, giving us full control over the region