Whackiest dictator kicks bucket for glorious benifit of turkmenistan

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  1. "Anyone who complains about going without sausage or bread for a day is not a Turkmen."
    -whacky dictator

    This guy really knew how to run a country.......live in lavish palaces, do all sorts of weird things, operate on a total kleptocracy, and then claim its what the people want-and that he'd be letting them down if he didnt:D
  2. Amazing how quickly these states in Central Asia seem to rot and putrify into an anarchic effluent swill of humanity....

    I didn't know Turkmenistan was dominated by five "tribes"....

  3. The guy is America's #1 uber ally in middle asia. To think about it, most dictatorships are american allies propped up by the CIA.

  4. You have to admit , among the most important strategic , & resource rich countries in the area being run by a (probably) murderous cartoon character, with virtually no publicly evident foreign links.
    Doesnt wash at all.

    And i think you mean "was":)
  5. I'm sure Australia is propped up by the CIA. Our leaders still think there are WMD's in Iraq!
    People over here think FOX News is a legitimate media outlet here
    We put our own citizens like Cornelia Rau and Vivian Solon into Migrant detention camps

  6. What , you think pine gap might have gave it away.....a little?
    I dont know anyone who thinks Faux news is legit. Then again, i dont get out much.
    I found a halliburton KBR money-clip on the beach once.
    It was empty.........dont know what it means, but the symbolism is enormous.
  7. I would say 99.999% of the locals have never heard of Pine Gap...
    Our leaders are still coming to terms with what happened in Vietnam....a little behind the times Australia is
  8. Yeah, but as long as were winning the cricket, she'll be apples.
    I dont know, maybe your right...but little johnny is a career politican, been in the game what, 30yrs+?
    Kind of an extension of the "job for life" (ahem, secure employment) unionism he destroyed, you said a relic of the past..........and hes the biggest one.

    Dont see how that equates to a tyrannical fruitloop like turkmenbashi, of course....................
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