Whaaat? no more selling??!!! Whaaaaa

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  1. I've been saying for awhile the subprime and liquidy is no big deal.

    It probably isn't judging by the trading activity past few days.

    The dow was down 300 points yesterday b4 closing only down 14 points. Now it went up 250 points today. That marks the bottom.

    No more subprime selling.

    Subprime who? Whaaaat? is it over?? Shorts have t cover?? Maybe the world isn't coming to an end???

    Us economy is stropnger than ever

    we got people spending money dammit! We got credit cards companies making huuuuge profits! We got consumer spending and construction! We got packed colleges! Open the borders 4 free trade! Lower wages!@ Middle class neck deep in debt! The malls are packed! Movie studios record profits! Hillary and obama in the news! War on terror going well! Oil prices stable! Terror under control! George bush record high approval ratings!

    Huckabee and Romney doing well. Time to vote republicvan or democrat!

    No way the smarties are gonna let the markets go lower. Nope dow 15000 coming soon.

    Dow 14000 only 930 points away.

    Subprime is no big deal. Neither is mortgaes and home builders. Liquidy no big deal. Neither is all that other crap.

    Time 2 buy


    GS is a huge buy

  2. You are stupid, the little Fed move did little to nothing. NO problems have been solved.
  3. mde2004


    Why do you post on ET boards embarrassing yourself like this??
  4. don't you think its weird that 90% of people here want you gone turder


    I may be dumb for asking what is obvious.


    Out of your 2918 posts over the last year or so this may be the most naive, uninformed and shows your continued "in denial" mentality.

    You truly haven't a clue as to what you're babbling about.

    PS Ever consider changing your screen name to stock_INVESTOR or I-Marry-My-Stocks? Clearly you're not a trader or you'd have made a ton of $$$ this week and not have been hiding. Maybe one day well see the return of Eqtrader too.
  6. It's a shame you can't buy more aapl,rimm etc since you are all margined out.
  7. ron2368


    Since there is really no problem at all I guess the FED made a slight error by lowering rates to prop up stocks, no less on an options expiration day!!!!! Great timing.
  8. Exactly. Can you spell "BOGUS" ?
    Anything related to the Bush Admin has that word emblazoned on their credentials.
    That includes the Fed.
  9. I'm all maxed out but no need to worry since we're moving higher next week

    Also we're enteing the new era of capitalism. The market will enter a bull market that will last for 20 years.

    This is only the beggining

    People say that there is a mortgage subprime liquidty crisis? I say nonsence!

    The US ecomony and stock market is stronger now than ever before. This is one of the best buying opportunities ever.

    It's too bad that not everyone can make money like I will.
  10. mde2004


    You are a small timer with a paper trading account. You may make 100% on your 1k account though.
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