wh$$ is going on with this market!? can't take it anymore!! help!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bluematrix, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. hi

    I've been very stressed out recently and today is really the worse.. what the hell is going on with this market going up in such a tight range in such an amazingly controlled speed and direction?

    is someone somewhere just trying to make a point that market is going higher and making small gains to make new highs?

    is this really the new low volatility world?

    who makes money in this type of market? where is this market going?

    oils/fx/gold/silver anything u name has moved quiet a bit since start of the year except equities and the precision and control of it's upward flow is amazing..

    wtf is going? time to stop trading for good?
  2. Is that you spanish89? Sure sounds like him
  3. no - how do i sound like him? i don't come here too much, don't know anyone, but today i feel stressed - any thoughts? am i alone?
  4. this is really excruciating my mind is about to explode.. am i going crazy?
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    You're not alone. The banks have shut down/drastically reduced their trading operations, HFTs playing each other for cents. However, I don't see this being permanent, there will be some volatility this year, let's just hope it's sooner rather than later.
  6. Just relax. I lose money today too, a bit jerky for me. Why not grab a can of Stella Artois and chill out? Tomorrow is a brand new day.
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    Not much movement today for sure.
  8. it's not just losing money - i've had it much worse, it's more about the work - the approach - the life and suddenly it seems none of it makes sense and everything is changed permanently - so obvious the market is artificially controlled if you ask me.

    i dono maybe i've just freaked out today, maybe need a break but i'm certain there are lot of traders out there going wtf insane cus this market is everyday more rigged.
  9. Today was the worst day of the year for me. Volume just wasn't there. Everybody must have been waiting for the Pope or something. That said I should have lost a lot less after looking at the charts.
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    Great damn day in the morning.
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