WFMI (Whole Foods)

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    Is this a sinking ship or possible rebound play after volume returns to normal?
  2. I'm on the fence here.

    23% in one day shaved. That's quite a haircut.

    But then again, it's back to where it was just 4 months ago, so the fundamentals were probably wacked.
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    listen to jim
    cramer radio today. he said whathappnd to it
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    I think they are facing new competition in the organic food area.
  5. Arnie


    I think they warned. Have you ever been in one? They are nice stores, but whooooweee they are pricey!
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    What did Jim say?


  7. trendin' gaps down have become a tricky play since vix dropped like a stone; cant seem to make more than 2% max and when i do i always get whipsawed to death. boy if i am cravin' for vix to go back to summer levels; at the time this stuff opened down 9-10% and ended the session with a huge 25-30% mkt cap loss. been aggressive back then paid off big, 10%gains was not unusual if u held on. u can still make some doesh tho, just get out at round numbers and it's likely they are the lows or close.
  8. The question is now, what about OATS? OATS is an operation that is similiar to WFMI.

    I wouldnt get into either. WFMI is a momo stock and it appears that the momentum has suddenly been snapped. One analyst downgraded the stock today. I say it trends down in the longer term. As for quick trade, I dont know. The momentum has been snapped.
  9. lots of stuff out there have completely lost momo and seem ready for a serious tumble.
    explosion of volumes on put options on many stocks reached a huge 1ook% increase ystdy: iwm one of 'em.

    i wouldnt be surprised to see this stock end up like apol, maybe not that prolonged but still one ugly decline.
  10. i was in one of their stores eating lunch and I went up and asked the manager where the diet coke was. he looked at me like i was a heretic. he showed me a nice home brewed root beer.
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