WFC,BAC Getting crushed in AH

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Aaron Copland, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. Last wo days were just a pump and dump.
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  2. What the heck, the rise over the last two days was a year end pump and dump
  3. PUMP job passing inventory to WEAKER HANDS! :D
  4. 8.7 million share block printed.
  5. Uncertainty over the violence in Gaza and the market closing tomorrow, people took their money out.
  6. WFC BAC are only down 2.5% AH

    all this hemming and hawing over nothing
  7. neh...just an aftermath of typical huge imbalance plays
  8. Wow, that's worrisome. I never pay attention to post/pre market equities. Hey, maybe Buffett needs some cash!:D I'm going to look into that. It's only WFC that seems to have the big volume, the other dips to me seem normal. On the 29th KO dipped down a percent post market and the opened the next day up a percent.
  9. Down two and half but they rose 2.3 that day so they're only down a bit on the day.
  10. Well, I spent a few minutes looking back at WFC and there are quite few days out of the last 20 with very heavy post market trading and it didn't really seem to foretell much about the next day's open.

    For example, on the price closed at 28.74 and then in the first fifteen minutes of after hours trading 18,000,000 shares were bought and took the price up to 29.35. The next day price opened at 29.11 and traded down to 27.31.
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