We've used all our spare tires. Bad economic news should be temporarily banned.

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  1. We can't afford to have stocks go down again.
  2. There are few sure things with trading but when the public can't afford for their stocks to go down anymore than they have you should be thinking that they will IMHO.
  3. Does closing your eyes really work? All the bad stuff goes away if we dont know about it?
  4. TGregg


    If somebody had called up CNBC or IBD or the WSJ and laid this all out before hand, explaining everything up to the current day, they wouldn't even have laughed because it would have sounded so insane, so crazy.

    Yet here we are.
  5. Hide the bad news. Suck the retail investors in. Then reality hits - ANOTHER CRASH !!!
  6. Hungary still backpedaling.

    Other countries with potentially negative comments, should get a call from Geithner.

    Bring out negative comments later. Not now.

    Public should be in stocks for the long run.
  7. Yeah, lets give the big guys a chance to put more shorts on.
  8. There is something to be said about this...
    We are what we ingest...visual, aural, not to mention oral.
    I can't eat sugar anymore since I'm diabetic.
    Consuming "bad news" constantly will also throw my mind and body 'outta whack', so to speak.
    It depresses us to see and hear bad things all the time.
    Stop and smell the roses is not just a cliche'.
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