We've got a lunatic on our hands

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  1. In the county right next to mine in Maryland, we have a guy running around with an assault rifle popping off people. What kind of sick, twisted brain disorder causes someone to shoot people in the head from a distance just for kicks?

    This is the kind of shit that needs to end. They need to do something about this before it gets out of control. They shut down all the schools in that area because they were worried about the kids.

    What's going to stop this vile and blatantly evil person from stopping with just five killings?

    How does someone knock out 5 people in broad daylight and nobody has a clue?

    This is really sad.


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    First time I have heard it I thought if it could be connected to a terrorist crap.( Person doesn't seem to be a lunatic.) Kind of sickly efficient way to kill people from a long distance.
  3. 1. We have people like that in the Army (Snipers), they volunteer to do it. I would say they get some sort of job satisfaction, otherwise they would not keep training to maintain proficiency. The guys in my old unit loved their jobs, and the Sniper Section in HHC was universally (within the unit) seen as one of the best places to be assigned. Sometimes guys snap, and that definitely is a bad thing. I DO NOT condone the actions of this/these person(s), but I understand how some people can go over the edge, i.e. mental disorders, etc.

    2. Do you look around with an eye for detail when you go outside? I would wager the "average" person does not. Most people are too caught up in their own little world to notice anything out of the ordinary. They are sheep.

    Also, if this guy were 300m away, wearing any sort of camouflage, he would be extremely tough to find. Especially if he had some sort of sound suppression device for his rifle.

    Just my opinion.
  4. Montgomery County in Maryland is one of the wealthiest counties in the nation. It is very affluent and upscale. The crime rate in that area is usually non-existent, so I'm sure this is really devastating to the people that live there.

    People are afraid to go outside. One of the guy's who was shot and killed was filling his gas tank up. I don't think it is a matter of being "sheep" so much as we don't deserve to live a life where we are constantly paranoid of getting shot from a distance.

    The army may do well to train people to go to war and shoot the enemy from a distance, but civilian life is not a place for war-games and target practice.

    If it hit any closer to home, I'd be a little hesitant to hang outside because of the fear -- if this guy has this kind of weapon and marksmanship, he could very well take out dozens more before they eventually caught up with him.

    It is really sick to rob someone of their life like that. I don't think this individual understands the full ramifications of his actions and the effect it will have on families and others -- not to mention the fact that the once alive and healthy people who were just going about their day are now dead.

    I hope there are no more killings before they find him. :(
  5. this guy is basically hunting people
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    this is really sick, and i can very well imagine how horrible people are feeling right now who are living in the vicinity, and, of course, the victims families and loved ones.

    laying low for awhile, staying home etc, definitely sounds like a good strategy right now.

    i can only hope that they catch him as quickly as possible.
  7. This is just another random lunatic. We have always had them and always will, unless the precogs become reality.