we've bottomed

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by stock_trad3r, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. 50 point surge from lows in the span of 3 minutes

    go long
  2. Hey, how are those GOOG and EWZ calls?
  3. how embarrassing .. do you ever stop ??
  4. If someone else posted this exact thread but with different wording would it matter? Market IS going higher till the close, putz.
  5. ed_berk


    stock_trad3r, please continue posting. In all of the indicators that I have seen over the years, YOU have to be the best contrarian indicator I have ever seen. I just sold that 50 point surge based on nothing more than your post. I really appreciate it. Keep your rally threads coming until the close
  6. eagle


    You see, our stock_trader is useful sometimes. :D

  7. "someone else" doesn't post pearls like this:
    Or create indices like this that plummet -90% in 8 months.

  8. Ah yet another idiotic stocktrader thread ends up in the graveyard known as chit-chat, how fitting.
  9. Another idiotic call from the village idiot.

    Your village misses you, turder.

    How's your village idiot index doing? Down 90%+ now, huh?