We've bottomed!

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  1. Get out your shopping lists, stocks are cheap, buys of the century! Don't miss out.

    That was a long road to get to nowhere for the stock market, everything is fine, the Fed will print money and protect the banks. We have nothing to worry about. Bad debt be damned, the Fed will swallow it up like it never existed.
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    As long as the federal reserve prints money and helps other banks to buy out there competitors at discount prices there should be no problem....

  3. Big Banks/Brokers have FED by the balls. FED CAN'T let them fail so they get away with murder. FED has no choice in this situation. This is Mega-Theft on an unprecedented scale and there's not a damn thing Joe Public can do about it... except pay his taxes and watch his pension fund go to 0.
  4. Joe Public should have voted for Ron Paul. It's too fucking late now.
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    Have you seen Ron Paul question bernanke at the last few meetings, that guy is great....
  6. Anyone notice the QQQQ's and SPY' surging in the AH?
  7. I think your definition of surging, and my definition of surging are very far apart.
  8. I beg to differ strongly. This is good for 300 million Americans and their financial state. I go with the Feds they did a great job today. Thanks to Henry Paulson he was most assuring towards the market close in his press conference.

    The markets ended orderly and calm.
  9. It's really funny that you're actually serious. It's even funnier considering your alias, which is obviously just a dream rather than reality.
  10. QQQQ's up 25 cents according to etrade and SPY up 35 cents, and rising. Not exactly chump change. I suspect a strong rally tomorrow.

    If you haven't covered now would be a good time. Asian markets are gonna surge after the big selloff yesterday and the futures will only go higher. Then the European markets will rally.
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