Western Union in GOOG deal - shares will double or triple

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by jreynolds212, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. Im looking through several different charts tonight, busssy. This is just my opinion, my two cents. I think Western Union is poised to double-triple from this point.

    There was a new platform commissioned by Google (GOOG) that will enable it to pay AdSense commissions to website operators in emerging countries.

    Look at the chart, this has been consolidating and basing for the last year. This is a clear double/triple from this point.
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    If the news is already well known, the WU stock price would have reflected it by now. Even much of future potential has been discounted.

    That's not to say WU won't go up. But there is resistance at $24.50. Modest resistance perhaps, but resistance nonetheless, that WU must first overcome to move higher.

  3. One of the factors holding back the price was the Arizona lawsuit which was resolved. Another factor was the Customs and Immigration seeking out and arresting Spanish immigrants. However, all this is now done. I just went by the local DMV and saw a long line of Spanish immigrants lined up around the corner.

    The thing about Spanish immigrants is that they are brand loyal and go for that little yellow sign that says "Western Union".

    My style of trading is not just a bunch of charts, but looking at the fundamentals too. The fundamental part of this trade is that there is a massive long line at the DMV now full of Spanish men, Bush is about to be run out of office and the lawsuits are now done.

    Its time to go "all in" on Western Union.
  4. JR You are correct sir!

    In fact when the financials did their death spin I felt after selling so many that I had to rebuild my portfolios with some financial stock... after long deliberation and every stock considered I too went with WU!

    It says something that has the financials took another dive WU did not. AND MoneyGram is an apparent take out the only competition this is a send money home story and a strong one. Fully agree WU in 08".. a double? Not sure how about $32? ~ stoney
  5. Western Union has come back very strongly while the market goes up and down. Its not really a financial stock, just a business built on money transfer.

    Foreigners are "brand loyal" and I hope I dont sound politically incorrect by saying that. Afterall, if your going to transfer your cash then why not trust a brand name like "Western Union". Lots of foreign workers here in the US.
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  7. Thanks for post that short vid JR. Learned something- I've been making all assumptions off US to Mexico numbers and US to Far East... whoops I forgot foreign to foreign! $'s sent from Taiwan say to India.... a whole new area of growth for WU with 20% plus margins... Now I see why your HIGHER price targets than mine. Adjusting accordingly.
  8. Check out my chart stoney;)

    I say to buy this dip.