Westcoasters, What do you think of NYSE moving trading up 1 hour

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by mahram, May 4, 2005.

  1. Alot of traders in the west I asked about this has alot of harsh feelings about this. I personally I think this is attack on our lifestyle. I like waking up at 5:30 and finish at 1. Well if there isnt any afterhours news that Im interested in.
  2. The NYSE can kiss my ass.......

    In all seriousness, it won't affect me that much as I trade futures and more than half of my trades are in commodities. But it will make me upset if I have to be up and ready at 5:20.

    Then again, that's another reason to get our lazy asses up and ready for the day. I always have a tough time getting up for the bond open. Now it will be a virtual necessity.
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    when will this start?
  4. it's outrageous, don't these East coast people have any consideration whatsoever for the rest of America ? I wonder what they would say if one asked them to get up at 4 am.
  5. I know they were casually throwing out the possibility of opening the market earlier and keeping it open later, but last I checked it wasn't being taken too seriously. Is there new news on this?
  6. hope they do it, it would be nice to trade the 5.30 numbers
  7. Not looking forward to it, but, my DVR sure comes in handy and makes sure I get to bed at a decent time. I am starting to trade Bonds and the E-mini, so I have another reason to get anyway.
  8. What happened to the global 24 hr. electronic visionaries?
  9. Hell, I'm a night person. I have enough trouble getting up at 6 am as it is....:mad:
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    With NYSE and Archipelago merging (maybe), seems like the pressure to open earlier will subside since Archipelago already opens at 4am EST. Who knows.
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