West Palm Beach

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  1. Looking for other traders in the area ....share ideas and socialize
  2. In the Palm Beach area, I'll send you a PM
  3. amazing 138 people viewed this forum but only one post.....Don't be shy!
  4. ontaneda


    i'm in coral springs!!!
  5. Anyone up for a social gathering at a local watering hole? Post your interest or PM.
  6. I suggest Bradley's, good beer and snack buffet. :D
  7. Anyone going to this Trader's Expo in FTL , advertised on this site?
  8. I'd like to get some new ideas. I'm local.
  9. g222


    What are all of you PB'rs trading??? Stocks, options, futures ... day or swing trading ??? Would be interesting to get together ...but...don't know how much we could get accomplished at Bradley's ... tres good for swinging, but not too sure about trading.
  10. Quin


    if interested in Equity Day Trading with either Futures or Stocks go to Meetup.com.

    I just started a Day Trader Meetup Group.
    First meeting is June 13 in Wellington.
    #10     May 12, 2006