West-East Fuel Oil Arb Continues

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  1. I needed a project today.

    Feb 4: Asia Fuel Oil-Intermonth spreads in contango; supply weighs
    Black: Singapore Fuel Oil 380 cst (Platts) Futures
    Red: Singapore Fuel Oil 180 cst (Platts) Futures
    Blue: European 3.5% Fuel Oil Barges FOB Rdam (Platts) Futures




    Feb 6: Asia Fuel Oil-February Western arbitrage arrivals at 5-mth low
  2. Bitcoins Reserve flatters me. It appears they enjoyed my graphs.
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    I enjoy your graphs as well. Do you have access to Platt's or Bloomberg tanker or barge rates ? Another good variable to track would be storage or rack rates. Those would be a great inclusion.
  4. I have most Platts product/crude prices and I check the liquid tanker routes daily to gauge any excess demand over the available tonnage. The smoke I usually look for is any curve in backwardation.

    Cheap international storage data is hard to come by unfortunately, but I hope to add that to my tool chest eventually.