West Coast vs East Coast trading

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  1. I just love this board.
    Somewhere here I read that somebody thinks prop trading or firms or opportunities are better on the west coast.

    I'm a New Yorker, but after the madness around here, fun and sun sound good. So if I go into prop trading, why or why not go to Cali?
    I didn't find the post on it, but what possible things would be different, besides time zone?
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    There are also several firms in Florida. With that you get the best of both worlds...beaches and sleeping in. :)

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    Taxes in NY and CA are outrageous. No state income taxes in FL or TX. I live in Dallas, TX, does anyone know of any prop firms here that are hiring using the firms funds. Thanks for any info.
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    interesting about no income tax in TX and FL, do you know of any other states without income tax? what about TN?

    i live in IN which has 3 1/2% tax but without the deductions and exemptions found in Fed income tax
  5. Washington has no state taxes and if you live in Vancouver, WA , you get the benefits of living closer to Portland, OR as well which has no sales tax.
  6. Here is what i found

    No State Tax states.

    New Hamsphire (5% on dividend and interest income)
    South Dakota
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    what possible things would be different, besides time zone?

    I trade from California and I strongly recommend that you don't underestimate the 3 hr time difference. With the market's opening at 6:30am out here, you have to get up around 5:00-5:30am if you trade from your home, and 4:00-5:00am if you trade out of a prop office. Unless you adore getting up at those ridiculous hours it doesn't have a whole lot to say for it. Florida might be a good alternative to maintain the 9:30am market open, the warm weather, and no state taxes.
  8. Tennessee also has no income tax (6% on dividend and interest income)
  9. I had heard that delaware and nevada are in that list....
  10. One thing to definitely consider: are you a "morning person"? Market opens 6am out there. Allow an hour or two to get ready. If you have a hard time getting out of bed you may want to reconsider.
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