West Coast Swing Trade Journey

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  1. Welp here it goes. this is to help me more than it is you... so bash away. this first post is a test as my posts for some reason keep disappearing.
  2. Ok first off, a little background on me.

    I am 29 years old , male, and live in Southern California about 30 miles East of Los Angeles in a hell hole known as "the Inland Empire". I grew up lower middle class, parents had drug problems. I have memories of my dad selling my toys to finance his drug purchases. This probably helped fuel my interest for money. I am currently a Registered Nurse. I hate my job with a passion. I absolutely LOVE trading. Sometimes i think that the whole concept of the stock market was designed for my personal pleasure. Its what i live for. Its that feeling you get when you make 10K in one day, show up to work late, and laugh when your boss writes you up.

    Trading Style

    I swing trade. I usually hold positions for between 1 day-2 months.

    I look for patterns that show consolidation for about 3 months, strong momentum, or strong breakout potential.

    Next, i look to see trends in the technicals, usually improving(long) or deteriorating(for shorts). I use mostly MACD, RSI, , DMI/ADX and 8X34EMA setups.

    I cant say that i will be updating this everyday as i dont trade everyday. I will only upadate when starting or stoping a position or when i have some crap i need to vent about. enough of the BS... On to the damn trading already...

    ACCOUNT VALUE=36000 USD Year end goal=80,000

    thursday 9/27/12
    Closed PPC short. Didnt like the way it was trading. seemed to have way to much support @ around 5.00
    PPC enter 3500 shares @ 5.11
    PPC Covered @ 5.23
    -$500 bucks or so.

    Bought 8100 @ 4.41
    Rationale: I really like the chart pattern: bullish flag. I have been in and out of RDN quite a bit recently with great results. This was wanting to break 4.41 when i bought it. and it did, for about 10 minutes then fell again !@!@#$ but i am pleased overall with my entry and am looking for this to do well in the near term. Not a whole lot of resistance untill about the 10.00 range.

    closing thoughts... I am not a big fan of how the market is trading. Seems more bearish than bullish. good news is that RDN seems to do well in either market.
  3. Testing again wtf wtf posts never show on this site ima give up soon fk this
  4. Welp got skunked on that rdn play... Stoped out on day of entry sold At 4.31 only to watch it bounce back to 4.50 an hour later

    Jumped into a high risk trade DNN on emotion and lost couple thousand entry at 1.50 solt 1.41

    Going to do some heavy research into some chats this weekend. Trying not to over trade. I lost 8k this past 2 weeks and it makes me want to barf. Im entertaining the idea of buying TBT which is a short on treasuries. I also have some other shorts i will be looking at for monday but i havent narrowd them down yet as i am pretty fkd up right now. I will post or try to post more frequently. I cant emphasise enough to traders out there Please take your time and be patient with your picks. Only trade great set ups and dont chese these fuckin things. Ttyl
  5. Oops forgot to mention i got fucked on PPC too!!! I had entered short at 5.11 and got stoped out at 5.30 WELL GUESS WHAT!!!?? not more than 4 days later the bitch dips thru 4.80ish can you believe this shit??? Fuck fake ass job numbers/ecOnomy/bullshit

    Side note
    Been watching cnbc/media bash romney for months now all of asudden maria bartiromo (fucking kunt) wants to give him a rimjob !?!? Many of the fast money traders claim that job numbers.... Conspiracy or not you have tO play them as genuine

    Well why the fuck did the market tank eod on good #'s??? Ive been trading for a while and have never seen so much blatant shananigans