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  1. Hello Friends,

    I am planning a west coast road trip during December/January. I live on the east coast and have never been to the West Coast. I am thinking of flying to a west coast city and then renting a car and driving. The states I have in mind are New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada and maybe Washington (Seattle).

    Has anyone done this?

    What's a good starting point - Phoeneix, LA, Alberque, etc. ???

    What cities/states should I visit?

    What sights should I take in?

    Any tips?

    Any trader in that neighborhood willing to meet me for drinks/lunch/dinner during my 'tour"?

    All ideas/suggestions welcome.

    Many Thanks!!
  2. i did it this spring. i flew to portland and drove down the pacific coast highway to southern california. it is a beautiful drive right along the ocean all the way down. some of the other sites i would check out on your described route would be the grand canyon, hoover dam, las vegas,lake tahoe,
  3. Thanks Vhehn, How many days d id you spend on your "tour". How did you handle accomdations? What lessons did you learn, i.e. mistakes you made , you wouldn''t make gain, that you could share with me.

    Thanks so much!
  4. Joe


    If I could I would save your trip for the spring/summer.

    When your there check out:
    Laguna Beach- Nice shops w/artsy atmosphere
    Venice Beach- You have to experience it
    San Francisco- My favorite CA city, best to visit during Chinese new year.
    Las Vegas- Every day's a holiday.
    Tahoe is nice in either winter or summer but has probably some of the nicest slopes for skiing.
  5. i spent 7 days making the drive. motels are no problem there are cities spaced along the way. no real lessons to share. nothing went wrong. i used national rental car. the pacific coast highway is amazing. you drive right along the mountians at the waters edge. sometimes it looks like the water is half a mile straight down then a little while later you are right along the beach. it was the most beautiful drive i have ever seen and i have been in every lower 48 state.
    the only suggestion i would have is that new mexico and nevada other than las vegas are pretty boring. lots of nothing down there. spend more time close to the coast and further north if possible.
  6. Thanks so much Vhehn. Much appreciated!
  7. Thanks Joe for your response...why do you suggest I postpone the trip to spring/summer?
  8. Joe


    You wont be able to experience everything to its full potential. No one goes to the beach when its 60 degrees, and if you go to san fran, you wont want to explore you will try to plan your activities in places that are indoors, also if you go to Alcatraz its out doors, not really, but it wasn't built to feel comfortable in the winter...
  9. I could spend a month riding the ferries in Puget Sound.
  10. Thanks, good advice for me to consider!
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