Wesley Snipes going to jail

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  1. Ever play roulette?

    Always bet on the government.
  2. They missed an op to do this before the deadline.
  3. I mean seriously, did he need this grief?

    Bad call.
  4. client#9


    He'll have plenty of time to read up on the tax laws. Or anything else.


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    it could enhance his image as an outlaw, tough guy doesn't take sh@@ from the 'man'.
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  7. LOL, he's a greedy fool who thought he could get "cute" with the government.

    But from what I hear he's going to do his time in a country club, so while it is punitive, it is much less so than it could be.
  8. Pekelo


    He already had training: (from Undisputed)


    "So, are you gonna pick up the soap or not?"
  9. maxpi


    3 years for 3 misdemeanors.... the frikin judge must be worried about his pension plan in the case of a taxpayer revolt
  10. Anyone dumb enough to listen to those flake tax dodgers deserves at least that.
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