Were's Our Gaff-A-Day V.P. Joe Biden Been Hiding?

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    Is he sick? Did Obama confine him to walking the spaces between the walls in the White House? Come on Joe, get out there on the campaign trail. The American people could use a good laugh right now.

    Vice President Joe Biden will not be throwing his annual beach party for journalists this summer, POLITICO has learned.

    Since 2010, Vice President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden have invited top journalists to their home at the Naval Observatory for a beach bash that has included Super Soaker fights, face painting, and a moon bounce.

    Past guests have included then-White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, CNN's Wolf Blitzer and Candy Crowley, MSNBC's Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow, CBS's Bob Schieffer, ABC's Ann Compton, PBS's Gwen Ifill and New York Times reporter David Sanger, among many others.

    The Vice President's office declined to comment on the record regarding the decision to forego a party this summer.

    In March, The White House announced that it would temporarily suspend official White House tours "due to staffing reductions resulting from sequestration," but it is unclear if the Vice President's party was cancelled for similar reasons.

    Despite recurring debate over the ethics of hobnobbing with government officials, the vice presidential party has been a fixture in Washington.

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    A gaff a day the Biden way.

  3. Joe is probably pissed Obama will support Hillary in 2016.We all love Joe but The Presidency would be at risk of falling into Republicans hands if he were the nominee,hope he understands that.:(
  4. Needless to say . . . dems place country before nominee , right.
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    They didn't last time!