Were you profitable in 2005?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by granville, Jan 31, 2006.

Were you profitable in 2005?

  1. Yes - my net trading was profitable

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  2. No - my net trading was not profitable

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  1. They say that 95% of us are not. I wonder what an ET poll will say.
  2. everybody on et was up huge. after all we are "elite".
  3. such a personal q.

    bad omen to talk about profits

    and brag about winning trades for that matter
  4. Of course, didn't you know that everyone here was short GOOG into earnings?
  5. I know what you mean. After I registered all my trades started to make money and I retired to Bermuda where I now live on a beach :) You can visit my trading blog at ….

    Seriously though, my methods have improved since first visiting this site.
  6. day trades? no
    swing trades? yes

    This month was the first month I show anything close to improvement in intraday. Check out the PnL boards.....
  7. I agree - I will say is what may help others

    1. Started with I can outsmart others attitude (necessary)
    2. Finished with I can outstupid myself attitude (necessary)
    3. Learned losing feels worse than winning feels good
    4. Extinguished crack high hopes of big scores and settled for responsible trading
    5. Content now with following tested, rare & ideal signals. Focused on continued investigation, education and experience.
    6. Spend rest of time spreading BS in chat boards
    7. Repeat as necessary
  8. Verdais


    Was I profitable in 2005? What a silly question... of course. Wasn't everybody?
  9. ehsmama


    2005 was a great Year. Both for my account and my learnings. ET does help. Most of my big wins came from applying what easyGuru said about breakouts.