Were rates just cut overnight?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pumpanddumper, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Wtf is happening? Futures reversing half her losses.

    Just have a feeling a major relief/sucker rally is coming by Friday.

    I think deja vue August is happening. I think I'm gonna buy some long ETF's again tomorrow morning like DDM or SSO and whore out the rally.
  2. Some news is causing it, IDK what it is yet.
  3. If it was a rate cut the futures would be up 25 instead of down 10.
  4. last ym quote I see is 12488
  5. Romney winning Mich causing this?
  6. dsq


  7. the floor hasn't broken yet... fear is not quite there yet..

    you will know it and feel it in your gut, ..ofcourse its all irrational...but its fun oi..oi..

    is the world going to end?... no.. or profit projections coming down...sure..

    is a recession forecasted to end this year... sure...

    so...will you wait for the MM's to mark it up 200 points...before the media whores...put up the all new high banners..

    :) some thoughts.
  8. Nikkei jumped 200 pts

  9. Let's see, they hit ES 50 handles from yesterday's close, we rally 6 off the low and this is exciting?
  10. Yeah no kidding, what a dumb thread this was to start.

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