We're HOUSING Terrorists!

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  1. That's right.

    Illegal immigrants, including potential Al-Qaeda "sleeper cells" are being FREELY HOUSED in the USA.

    In his Homeland Security division, President Bush is going after potential "in-house" terrorists namely...

    By building a 700-mile wall on the Mexican border.
    By making it necessary to be a LEGAL US resident before being given a drivers license.
    By going after companies that employ illegal aliens.
    By taking assorted, fledging efforts to track possible money laundering schemes in the banking industry.

    BUT, no "Hit Em In The Housing" efforts or steps have been undertaken, when, clearly, this measure would be MOST EFFECTIVE at making Americans and America as a whole MUCH safer.

    How It's Done: Make it ILLEGAL to SELL or RENT to ANYONE who is NOT a legal US resident. The same way it's now illegal to employ illegal aliens.

    The technology now exists to make this happen - nationwide.

    This means that NO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS can either RENT (this includes rooms for rent, apartment rentals and houses for rent -- no housing in ANY FORM) or BUY (no housing loans or ANY property loans at all can be made to ANYBODY who is NOT a LEGAL US resident).

    The Benefits are immediate and vast. Landlords and Loanlords will be subjected to stiff penalties and possible jail time (and property confiscation?) if they rent, lease, loan or otherwise allow ANY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to have or share housing IN ANY FORM.

    Effects. Example: Say, there's a front establishment such as a restaurant, that actually is laundering drug money that finds its way back to fund terrorist groups and organizations. Perhaps that restaurant is even backed by legit "investors" who do it simply to get great returns on their investment.

    This ANTI-TERRORIST HOUSING measure would completely address such situations because the ones actually running the establishment (ILLEGAL ALIENS) would be HIT IN THE HOUSING.

    NO HOUSING spells no more housing illegal money landering activities BY DEFAULT of losing their housing!

    This measure can equally be applied to commercial real estate leasing and loans.

    That is just one of the many examples where potential housing of terrorists would be addressed by having a strong "Hit Em In The Housing" measure legally established and the act passed in Congress.

    Of course, it would be another very effective measure to not allow illegal immigrants to be able to either open or hold a bank checking or savings account.

    Make it a law that from now on, a form has to be filled out for housing, both private and commercial, that is submitted to a US gov. d-base and checked against it to determine if the applicant is truly a legal US citizen BEFORE housing in any way, shape or form is provided or extended to the applicant.

    Similar to the way checks are made for being given a drivers license.

    Why has this ANTI-TERRORIST housing measure not been established yet? It is so obvious a practical, effective and useful means to identify ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and potential TERRORISTS and deny these criminals housing.

    The effects of such a useful and direct measure would be seen at once. If you have millions of houses and housing units suddenly become available, the grossly exaggerated costs of rent (that have been propped up by providing housing to potential terrorists / illegal aliens) would implode perhaps as much as 30%.

    This would allow real, legal and law-abiding US citizens to buy a house whereas before, due to inflated housing costs, they could not afford to.

    If anyone knows how to get the legal, lawful ball rolling to get this ANTI-TERRORIST HOUSING measure moving forward legally to the halls and courts of the lawmakers, PLEASE DO SO.

    Contact your local officials about this ANTI-TERRORIST HOUSING act.

    Much is being done about securing our US borders but, the "Hit Em In The Housing" act would greatly improve safety for legal US citizens.

    This MUST be done to insure the utmost security for legal US residents.

    Also, please RE-POST (post or video) this anywhere and everywhere on the Internet so people will take notice of this VERY IMPORTANT issue.
  2. "Landlords and Loanlords will be subjected to stiff penalties and possible jail time (and property confiscation?) if they rent, lease, loan or otherwise allow ANY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to have or share housing IN ANY FORM. "

    Who the FUCK is the Federal government to tell anyone who they should be able to rent a home to. Just another reason why the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was WORSE than the Patriot Act.

    Now it's up to landlords to work as INS agents? LMFAO.
  3. I'm horrified - I agree 100% with you for once. I was going to post almost the exact same sentences.

    Actually, 99% - Patriot Act is definitely much worse! I think Civil Rights Act was a necessary evil - not good in legal sense but necessary given the society at the time (and now).