We're going to War

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  1. cour·age ( P ) Pronunciation Key (kûrj, kr-)
    The state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear, or vicissitudes with self-possession, confidence, and resolution; bravery.

    Were the more than 900 people who drank from a vat of cyanide-laced punch in Jonestown in 1978 courageous and brave?

    Aphie needs to be brave and start trading again.....
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    As a footnote to this....today is the 54th anniversary of the execution in Tokyo of Tojo (and six of his buddies) for war crimes. I wonder if the ordering of the Kamikazes was included as one of the crimes...?

    Just found this.....didn't know MacArthur was such a sensitive guy!!! (maybe he just loved defying Truman...wasn't the only time).

    On December 23, 1948, General Tojo and six others were hung at Sugamo prison. MacArthur, afraid of embarrassing and antagonizing the Japanese people, defied the wishes of President Truman and barred photography of any kind, instead bringing in four members of the Allied Council to act as official witnesses.
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    Just going into something not knowing the outcome. Doesn't say much about the person or their belief system. I've seen a wino (excuse me, a morally, mentally, attitudinally challenged victim of drugs and alcohol) walk across 8 lanes of freeway traffic, busy freeway too, he made it. Doesn't elevate him in my mind, very long on courage, short on almost everything else same as a homocidal suicide bomber.

    In Islamic thought, none of them are assured of going to heaven unless they die in a Jihad, so maybe they are actually cowards in the face of so much uncertainty?

    I really am getting to love seeing my ideas up in pixels. Maybe I should give up on the trading gig and become a writer? Uhhh.. Ok I won't do that.

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