We're going to keep smoking crack until sanity returns

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  1. Nothing is improving and yet everyone is still trying the same damn thing and hoping for different results. Operation Twist? It makes no sense but hey, it's the Fed. Running an austerity program in a weak economy is like taking your foot off the gas pedal and believing the car will go faster. It's been shown in the past that it doesn't happen. But hey, the Citizens of Rock Ridge and the Europeans ignore history -- well the Citizens don't ignore history, they know relatively very little of anything outside of their bibles.

    Operation R.E.T.A.R.D. (Republicans Elected To Advocate a Real Depression) appears to be in full swing ever since the Citizens of Rock Ridge voted in their favorite economically/historically/factually challenged brethren. The vote to fund the govt that failed last night will be voted on again tonight and if that fails then the govt is on its way to shutting down next week.

    2.78% on a 30 year and people are worried about spending. The Brent Spence Bridge which has been cited to account for 3-4% of GDP is in really bad shape. And the republican response: Govt spending bad. Fixing bridges are bad as it means jobs will be created. Govt creates jobs?!?! It is rather treasonous to tank the economy to get elected. Then again these people rely on ignorance and fear to get elected. Sort of how America's Taliban (Christians) operate to fund their operations.

    So where will the NBER officially claim the recession has started? The current quarter (Q3 2011) or Q4 ?

    Someone should find out whether the machines in Greece are being retrofitted to taking the drachma again.

    Prosperity will return when the crack runs out and sanity returns. Not happening anytime soon.
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    So when is the Iphone 5 coming out?

  3. Around 10/5/2011.
  4. Reminds of the 5 year old who brought mommy's crack pipe to show and tell. That's all the kid knew so he thought it was OK and was proud to show the apparutus and ziplock full of crack to the other kids. The Teacher crapped her pants and sent the cops to pick up mom. Sad part is the kid didn't win either as foster care is no picnic.

    Oh yeah what were we talking about, oh yeah not knowing any better. The only solice in all of this is that it is good to be a trader although it is easier to participate in a bull market than a bear market only because of the witnessed carnage .
  5. Maybe we should dig up all your asinine "great time to buy real estate" posts at the height of the bubble.

    Let me be the first to say that you are one stupid, fucking asshole. It would be poetic justice to see you and your kind living in a gutter somewhere.

    Fuck your spending and fuck you.
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    Dont keep things inside, its not healthy. YOu need to release the inner feelings,,release, and breathe out.

  7. The OP is a giant turd. Just another, in a long line of we need to "stimulate the economy forever" types. He was also a POS troll that gave David Lereah a run for his money as a perma-bull real estate imbecile a few years back.

    I see no reason not to take these idiots out to the woodshed. They are far past their expiration date.
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    Fair enough. background explained and seems reasonable.

    Was not aware background, things cleared up and attack seems more justified now,.


  9. R U a Republican?
  10. I'm neither as I've mentioned many times on this forum. I'm not one to fall for this contrived "two party system".
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