We're becoming a communist country!

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  1. government now controls the banks

    the government owns half of all mortgages in the country and directly influencing mortgage rates

    we own one of the world's largest insurance companies

    now a car czar will soon control production of the nations automobile production

    All of this power is being transferred in exchange for electronic credits typed into a computer as a guise for fiat money at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

    Not too long ago the Supreme Court ruled in the Kelo vs. New London case that this same government has the right to confiscate private property for private development or if a better use for the property can be found for the good of the community. You must accept this so called fiat money called federal reserve notes for compensation.

    There is reports that the Fed is considering selling bonds (the rest of this thread is tongue-in-cheek but this is no joke!) in order to finance the trillions of dollars in assets it plans to exchange for electronic credits and reserve notes. Not only does this literally make no sense, but someone will essentially own the Fed. I would almost rather the Fed print money than sell bonds.

    Too many shady bullshit occurring, be vigilant before it's too late.

    1776-2008 The end of the United States of America (USA) and the rise of the United Socialist States of America (USSA). Or maybe we'll go fascists...
  2. Good points;
    a] Except the GM loan if [if]it gets done comes out of that enviro-extreme fund. And no wonder that GM loan bill stalled, it contains pay raises for judges.

    b] Many state laws now trump that New London garbage;
    however did you see that elite article- 20,ooo troops maybe stationed inside USA?, apparetly for riot control..........????

    c7] I watch the Chinese com TV[CCTV], thank our God we are no where near that bad. They like panda bears-cool. And remember ;
    c77]the FED said no to GM fed funding [see Bloomberg today],
    c777] Fed said no to LEH.
    c778] Fed said no to Bear Stearns.......................

    Besides the SEC said [mostly ]no to Citigroup interfering with short sellers;
    even though it would have been a better downtrend if they let the market have its complete way:D Actually the commies like Putin confuse downtrends with ''end of capitalism''LOL
  3. Nobama should be the leader of Russia!
  4. It hit me, the troops in the USA might be to fight off secessions. Maybe Obama types are looking down the road to the economic collapse and the need to hold the Union together? If things get bad there would be food riots but we have police and National Guard outfits for that garbage...