Were are the bargins?

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  1. I have the best software and hardware money can buy for trading, yet I can not find anything except the US Dollar that has not had a huge run, world wide markets are showing double digit returns. We are in the fouth year of a bull martket with out a major correction.

  2. buy stocks <$5, wait for 300% return as they all take turns doing day after day and collect free money $$
  3. myminitrading,

    If you want to find bargains do this. Go to the screen where your stock chart is, now press CTRL ALT and the DOWN ARROW at the same time.

    This will put your screen upside down... Now trade the shorts like you would trade the longs.. everything will look familiar
  4. I have the same problem, and I'm being serious.

    Reasonably priced stocks are hard to come by, and to be honest, some valuations are approaching the insanity of 98/99.

    I have been doing the same work, and finding about 10% of the stocks according to my screen that I used to.
  5. Its like everyone on the street is predicting double digit returns in 2007, I bet it turns out to be one big dud, not saying is going to crash, just saying we could chop around all year long.
  6. i have bailed on most my us long term equity holdings. just too much noise and i have had a great year. still holding some quality, dividend paying stocks and some commodities and bonds - but would like to focus on keeping my money...

    i don;t understand what is going on in the market right now. the housing market doesnt appear to have bottomed to me...i read today 75% of california mortgages issued last year done with little or no credit check and no $ down... sounds like the last gasps of a liquidity love fest... im seeing transports roll over and everyone is so horny on the long side....

    i sit and meditate. if i miss out on another 20% dow run so be it...
  7. Earthlink- Sold off all year, didnt participate in the rally. Even though it has questionable management and may not be the best business model, still maybe good for a 1 or 2 dollar pop. Im long in the 6s and have a limit sell at 8. It may go above 8, but I believe after it goes above 8 it will pullback. It might be bought out by Google at some point with its wi-fi.

    On google, type in wi-fi. This is an area where Google is interested in. They installed wi-fi throughout Mountain View. Earthlink has more experience with these installations and has done it in three states so far. Why would Google want to build such a wi-fi network when they can buy earthlink which has existing experience in this area. . .

    Gateway-GTW- Its a penny stock now, but I think the moderators will make an exception for this one. Under new management. Another questionable business model, but there is a turnaround specialist at the helm now and an activist hedge fund in the wings. Buy under 2 dollars though.

    Western Union (WU)- This is an old tech play. Yep the old tech of wiring money to people. There will always be people crossing the border and sending their dollars abroad. This did not participate in the rally that much.

    CalDive (DVR)- This is a new IPO. Congress just declared open season on the off-shore. Great long term play. CalDive specializes in off-shore services for the gulf and is a spinoff of the larger unit.
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    most of these world markets have put in INCREDIBLE gains the last 12 months, some up over 50%....I hope people dont get upset when some of these markets pullback and sell off 10 or 20%.
  9. The international markets have gone through panics and crashes over the years. While most people will forget, Mr. Google doesnt. When you type in the words, a list of them is brought up.

    What happened in Thailand is a shining example of what could happen to the international markets. The domestic (US) market gives you some clues and warning signs. When the panic in the US does come, the selloff is bad, but its not REAL bad.

    The question for investors is this...do you want to invest in a market that is controlled by communists, socialists, military juntas, etc. In Thailand, the man with the 50 caliber tells the central bank what to do now. Thats a market that I would be very afraid of...

    Despite the gains in the international market, America is still the safest place to invest your cash. Imagine experiencing the 1929 crash, but this time, in India or Thailand. Since there is more risk in these places, there is more reward naturally. However, the crash or panic can happen over night and at any time with the words from the 50 caliber man. Gains can be wiped out in a day.

  10. Two more good bargains and long term holds.

    AIG- Well, looking at the chart, its at the top of its range I would say. However, this just may break out of the channel. When it was trading at 70+ a year or so ago before the Spitzer news, it was trading with much less earnings. Now the business has expanded and the earnings is so right. I would like to say it goes higher from here.

    ALL- All-State raised its rates, cut back on expenses and a number of other things to help it through the hurricane season. uh-oh, no hurricanes, but the rates are still high and will continue that way. Trading at a super-low P/E, but its still a growing company with its new marketing campaigns.

    All-State is the best managed insurance company in the United States. The management reacts quickly to perceived problems. The CEO and other management figures were all over CNBC all summer long addressing different issues. Lots of press releases. These guys can pinch a dime tighter then anyone out there. I wouldnt want to be insured by them because I know aftermarket parts will get slapped on my car. I wouldnt want to work for them either. However, I dont mind holding the common stock long term.

    Both AIG and ALL are good core holdings for the long term.

    A speculative play is KEYS. Take a look. Aftermarket parts maker. Dropped suddenly on Ford winning a decision in court over some parts. Over-reaction in the market. It will be back to 40 soon. Recession wont hurt it. Insurance companies will keep insisting on aftermarket parts.
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