We're all gamblers & done for

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  1. the reason the world is in such a mess is purely due to the gambling ethics of human nature.

    from 'investors' to speculators - this CDO, banking, hedge funds, day traders etc. doing all they can to turn 1 into 1000 outpacing time creates this mayhem that results in this.. those farmers in india have no fucking clue what's gone on but the greedy masses have just shit over the global economy.

    what if there was no stocks, CDO, derivatives, or any speculative security linked to the real economy?

    man has troubles with working hard for years to get paid so the option is either war or gambling to change the face of earth in this life time and look at the result. the whole world is fucked. there is no safe place for anything right now. I wouldn't be surprised if a world war broke out tomorrow.

    I predict a decade of depression with many wars if not world war over everything oil gas gold land water round the corner.. no place to hide..
  2. i'm sure there is a point to all of this
  3. Sounds like someone had a bad day.
  4. Yes..btw, thanks for keeping the chips warm while you had them..LOL! :D
  5. You're too bearish Batman. Last week you were screaming manipulation, now it's gambling and greed. True, all this shit happens but WWIII tomorrow?

    C'mon man, it's just data. Don't be a bear, don't be a bull, just be a trader. Who cares where the market goes. Strong opinions like this lead to ruin. Just jump at the opportunity when you see it.

  6. Batman, STOP posting in the trading forum. You have already established yourself as not a trader and your posts are NOT about trading.

    There is a great little forum called "chit chat" that seems right up your alley
  7. no god dam it i had no chips in hand.. but i feel for people I know who are losin their jobs and the rest who have no fuckin clue what's goin on.. go tell outside of market what's gone on they got no clue but they'll be the first to get hit in the head by it..
  8. Sounds like John Lennon.

    Imagine theres no heaven, easy if you try,
    no hell below us, above us only sky.

    Imagine all the people, living for today.

    Sure sounds like you lost some money today.
  9. US Treasuries are down to 3.45%. Damn thats a low return.
    Not much of a 'flight to safety' option.

    Money will come back into the equities as soon as the mortage scare is over.
  10. if i talk about manipulation is because i know it happens. i didn't lose any money i had no chips. but it's not that fun seeing someone lose 2m in one day or people u know getting fired just because of some fucker who thought of CDOs.. put it into perspective it's the welfare of all that's gettin shit all over it.. this isn't a closed casion..

    emergency cut - look at double digit inflation round the corner.. depression for years.. everyone is gona get it..
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