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  1. We better get our heads out of our collective asses and pull together here. Things are looking ominous.

    From Dallas to Detroit, and New York to Seattle; from Santa Fe to Kansas City and Tampa to Toledo.
  2. We better get our heads out of our collective asses and pull together here.


    Agree, unfortunately we need to follow the leader.

    We have a current leader but the collective disrespect of the Bush haters leaves something to be desired for the office of the Presidency, no one will pull together.

  3. What exactly is ominous?
  4. His brokerage account? LOL.

  5. I'm in good shape, old man.

    Pabst asked a legit question, and you made the wrong ASSumption.

    You should be too old and wise to make the stupid statement you do. Get over your bitterness.
  6. Well then answer his question, since it was legit.

    Meanwhile, I find it humorous you are lecturing anyone about the wisdom of their posts. C'mon, let's have a few more Palin name calling posts eh? Barbarian, bitch, etc etc. Ring any bells? LOL.


    P.S. My post was just a joke...maybe you should lighten up.
  7. Are we going to start the tax revolt from here or are you auditioning for the Professor Harold Hill part.

  8. Well, the financial meltdown is looking pretty ominous, for starters.

    I wasn't lecturing anyone, including you, about the wisdom of your posts. I was stating that to the degree you were making a serious assumption, it was a shot in the dark.

    No harm, no foul. I don't take differences in politics, religion or just about anything else personally, despite the fact that these topics do tend to spark the nastier responses from most people.

    Peace out.
  9. Honestly, if I thought people were interested, I'd contribute many dollars and much of my time in participating in a movement to make tax reform the single biggest issue in the upcoming elections.

    The message would be very simple and stark to all politicians - either institute a reasonable, simple and flat income tax or national sales tax - or get voted out of office (no matter where the politician stands on any other issue, and whether they're a Dem or Repub).

    Who or what is going to start the revolution, though?
  10. Nothing as long as a critical mass of us can still afford to go to Cheesecake Factory or RuthChris anytime we want. And besides, we have to pay back for all the revolving doors politicians have sent spinning over the years.

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