Went To The Mall Today

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  1. and expected to find a parking spot in an empty parking lot with ease . . . To my amazement, I had to spend 15 minutes going up 6 levels of a parking garage at a Mall in California in order to find a parking place!

    The entire mall was jammed with shoppers . . . and they were buying merchandise and carrying lots of bags back out to their car. Macy's, Nordstrom's, Borders Books, The Apple Store . . . you name it!

    It was an amazing sight.
    No recession here!

    And all this on a Saturday afternoon with tons of great college football games on TV.

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    go figure - well that's good news.

    So a post I read said that consumer activity is localized - some places are ghost towns, other places are doing fine.
    A regular snowbird was talking to my Mom, and she was visibly upset and was shocked at how much of a ghost town florida was.

    So which part of cali?
  3. Maybe the only problem we have is a bookkeeping error. Only the bean counters are making the news. Imo, joe sixpack eyes glazed over when "billion dollars" hit the news, now we are talking trillion dollar problems.
  4. Not so much here in Michigan.
  5. It's probably time we offer to give Michigan to the Canadians. Or maybe give it back to the Indians. Think they'll take it??
  6. Californians are too stupid to realize they ran out of money until their credit cards are declined.

    Look at the homes they bought two years ago and what they're worth now.

    Even their state government (aka the taxpayers) will be 28 billion dollars in the hole by 2010:

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    I have been to three different Apple stores in three different cities over the past month - all of them were standing room only. Amazing.
  8. Much truth in your post. "It can't get much worse", "They won't let it happen", "No worries, here, have some wheatgrass" attitudes are fuel for continuation on the downside.
  9. Paramus, NJ. Garden State Plaza
    Seriously packed and plenty of bags.
  10. Danbury ct mall packed... i don't get it either...
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