Went to the CBOT today!

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  1. Sitting there in the smoke shop(this is where you can learn some very good strategies and tips) and there you go, grains and gold/silver shoot to the moon again! Just like i knew it would, gold was up $25 on the day! Trading 10 contracts would be $25 grand today. I want in! I just moved to Chicago a week ago. And had a good interview with Wextrust(333 Wacker). They are opening a new prop division and the pay out starts at 50/50 and moves up from there. They will throw a ton of money at you if you prove good and you can trade any CME/CBOT vehicle!

    So whats my problem? The new offices are only just beginning to be renovated/set up. Will not happen for another 2 months. I do not have the time or patience to not be trading in such a long duration of time.

    I know my support/restistance, daily pivots, fibs, price/volume, tape/DOM reading, etc. Understand electronic trading and human emotion and how both work together or collide for real great opportunities. Someone out there in Chicagoland, shoot me a PM with a contact number, let me get started!

    I was listening to a CBOE guy talk about how he had 3,000 lots on 'beans! Making a fortune! Send me a PM(only a really good firm that shoots straight from the hip and will let me prove myself by paper trading and then will throw a large amount of money at me need to contact please!)

    Es Master:)
  2. sure he did. hes also santa claus.
  3. Yes I did genius. The name of the smoke shop is Jack Schwartz's and has been there since 1921. Want to know the name of the Pub? It's Ceres Cafe. How about the cafeteria, there brilliant guy you? It's Cellar's Cafe. Do you need to know the address(141 W. Jackson)? Or who is across the street(the Federal Reserve Bank)?

    I do not fool around, nor do I lie. I am here in this town to make serious bucks, not listen to idiots that are not on topic such as yourself.

    P.S. Anyone that wants to give a discerning and intelligence young man a chance, just shoot me a PM, thank you Es Master.:)
  4. lol. This is a joke right? You spend 1 day @ the board of trade and you're already "the man"?

    Ummmm.... Whackers an inspiring place to be an all, but I think you're a little full of yourself.
  5. 3000 spreads or outright would be a massive position in this market.
  6. You made an assumption. I have been there several times. Didn't claim "I am the man", your second(and wrong) assumption.

    I'll see you on the other side of the trade, I will on the right side, good luck with your position.

    I didn't post for smart alec comments. Alas! That is what you get on Elitetrader half the time.

    Once again, anyone with dignity and intelligence due respond, all others I could care less. Will not respond to anyting that isn't related to topic. Only dignified and gentlemanly posts are to be recognized. Es Master:)
  7. I don't know what is it but you don't come across as an intelligence young man...
  8. 3000 puts against the staightforward buying of futures contracts. So right now he is making a fortune of the futures and the premium on the options. Has just a few more days before expiry. As long as his options do not get hit, he will make a outright fortune. 27 yrs old and had it together.
  9. clacy


    If you're such a great trader, why couldn't you just trade your own money until this Wextrust thing works out?
  10. What ever hombre, I sound like someone that gives back what he gets. Personally, I do not like smart alec comments when I was/am seeking the best prop to work for here in Chicago.

    I have never given a unsolicited and/or wisecrack comment for the heck of it. Surwe I have done so in defense of a uncalled for smart alec remark, I will give them back, will not ever initiate them, to muc respct for a board to do so. Once again you are off topic. Sounds to me like you are a begrudled amateur, but hey, what does it matter? Stay on topic or go to another thread, thak you! Es Master
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