Went to the Bar to be Near People

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by oldtime, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Mostly I just like to be left alone, but I finally (after a very profitable week) got the desire to be around other people.
  2. Being around other people is over rated.:D
  3. yeah, I'm over it. Good to be home alone posting on ET. I've been forced to be with other people all too often, but that was the first time I ever wanted to do it. I feel pretty good about my trading at the moment, I think that has something to do with it.
  4. Good for you!
    It CAN be fun ya know.
  5. LOL is this a joke? You really can't interact with humans?

    You should meet our computer guy. You 2 would hit it off great.
  6. rc8222


    Don't tell that to Obama. He'll make you spend the weekend at Wall Street redistributing the wealth you accumulated with the commie libertards.

  7. Hey, don't laugh. Sure, many seem normal, but that's how they trick ya.
  8. Eight


    I pretty much hate introverts. They are concerned about their territory and their stuff far more than anything else. You marry one and the rest of your life is about fighting over every inch of the house and it extends to the financial stuff too... They will act all extravery for as long as it takes to sucker you in but after that, forgetit... In the old days they were considered retards but now it's an accepted normal personality characterisic, probably because industry needs them to work at their computers all day...
  9. You summed it up perfectly.
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    Interacting with people is my edge for interacting with vagina.
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