Went Long Today But Still Feel SICK with HFT

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  1. Okay we all got long and we all made easy money today but the HFT manipulation on the bid was extreme to say the least. If your a intraday trader like me your eyes must've been hurt by all the flashing the nerds did, as if electronically masturbating because they made some money long.

    How can the exchange allow some nerd to put and pull almost a million orders day in day out and not class that as manipulation? How does that make sense to any of you? There are calls to ban them but we all know that is hot air. I know so many experienced good traders who have now been blown out by these nerds, and yeah they helped me make money today cuz i was long but it still leaves a sour taste in the mouth let alone my eyes. I just hope they have their nerd machines on if a major event happens. I'd like to see them keep puttin little orders if another 9/11 happened. They'd be the only ones buying whilst the market blipped 1000 Dow points.
    Unfortunately, for every HFT nerd that dies there is another waiting in the wings to slowly make money day after day until one day something happens and he loses his whole account.
  2. I honestly think their should be a list called THE HFT OFFENDERS LIST.
    Similar to the Sex offenders register, it would have all names of anyone who has ever been a High Frequency Trader. This would give all normal non corrupt traders the chance to spit at them in the street, avoid them, profanicate at them or make sure that they are not allowed to move to your neighbourhood.
    These nerds are making money with their only trading strategy to be making money out of the misery of others. They front run, subpenny, spoof, have systems quicker than everyone else, can see your order being placed before you can and basically INSIDER TRADE.

    Make a list now and treat them no better than the paedofiles !!!:mad:
  3. Joovenile-

    I'm surprised there are still monkeys out there clicking away on mice.

    Kind Regards,
    HFT nerd.
  4. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  5. You should be careful about talking down about those so called 'monkeys, since if they die out who will you be able to subpenny, front run and insider trader off? You can't survive without copying the monkeys so you should afford them a little more respect. In any case a monkey is worthy of more respect than the leech on the monkey's backside which is what in essence HFT traders are.

    So tell me, how many orders did u flash on the bid today in a lame attempt at manipulating the market higher? And also did u then flash a thousand orders on a bid in a matter of seconds as a form of electronic masturbation in celebration as HFT nerds are akin to doing. Go on tell me, I'm all ears.

    We now have two people on the HFT Offenders list, please be wary if they try to move into your neighbourhood and don't let your children play with their children lest their brainwash them into the corrupt, illegal world of HFT trading
    :D :D
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    Do you even understand anything you just said? How can one insider trade off you when you don't have any insider information? Do you mean front run? Like your piker ass is moving more than 200 shares.
  7. funny how nobody really complained about HFT stuff until the media coined the term and explained it to the masses. Now all you net losers have a new reason to complain why you're losing money.
  8. If you don't know or understand how HFT illegally front run,manipulate and insider trade by now then you will never know. I trade upto 100 E-mini Spoos contracts, which is tiny, yet still it gives the HFT nerd room to front run it on the rare occasions I do put 100 down with his little 1, 2 or 5 lot. And insider trading?? Lt me explain a thing to you, if I can see your orders hitting my front end before you can and I trade off of them what the hell do u call that EINSTEIN????
  9. Look at my other posts I trade almost exclusively long these days and I have had two great days money wise. However, it does feel terrible to be sitting there long in cahoots with these manipulating scum as they lamely attempt to manipulate the market up, knowing full well that there are good honest worthy traders that have fallen at the sword of your manipulation. This is blood money gentlemen, nothing more, these days I have to have a long bath after my trading days to clean off all the dirt I fell by being in cahoots with these bunch of corrupt illegal clowns. Sometimes it is not just about money you know, HFT nerds need to learn that
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