Went into a trading firm in NYC... What a bunch of losers

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TIMMY57, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. TIMMY57


    A friend of mine told me that I should go check out this prop firm and on friday I did. What an incredible experience.

    I have never in my life seen a group of sleezebags like these losers. Almost everyone looked like they just woke up. I saw a couple of armpit stained shirts, a couple of them had already slobbed food and stained their shirt already. I couldn't imagine that over a half had put on a new shirt for the day. 1/2 the people were severly overweight, the other half still overweight. The trading room was a absolute pig-sty there had to be at least 8 brands of potato chips wrappers thrown on the floor, along with random computer parts, and playstation controlers.

    Wow... If this is what I'll end up like if I become a full time trader --> I better think again
  2. lwlee


    So don't keep us in suspense, which prop shop?

    Kinda reminds me of poker rooms. They have their share of slobby, overweight fellas grinding out a living.
  3. LoooooL!!!!That is the funniest post I ever read in my life.

    Have you ever thought about doing stand-up comedy?
  4. Joab


    In the last episode of Wall St. Warriors the newbies looked like a sorry bunch.
  5. LOL, im suprised the traders were that overweight... but i can imagine things getting dirty if the cleaners dont come in every day and the office manager doesnt enforce a clean desk and office policy.

    Having said that i trade full time from home, and my trading room quickly turns into a pig sty soon after i clean it, and i probably dont stay as constantly groomed as i was when i used to work in IT, in a nice clean office.

    So i would agree with you, this is one of the hazzards of the job..
  6. I love pigs; and also love eating them as well.

  7. I guess that’s why your wife stays with you
  8. Did you notice any porn on the walls? I could over look many faults if it were covered up with porn.
  9. did u happen to notice if there were any Frito Lay Potato chips?

    those are good.
  10. Pigs get slaughtered.
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