went from 39% to 450% return, looking for prop firm

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    I am an engineer who started educating myself in the market in 2002. I realized that the market is like horse racing. In 2005 I started trading part time until last week. I finally decided quit my job and trade full time. In 2005 I made 39%, 2006 =110%, 2007 = 145%, 2008 = 220%, 2009 = 450%. My strategy holds no overnight positions. I have talked to a few prop firms, but once you Google them they either have a bad reputation or you have to trade with their strategy or they are trying to charge thousands to teach trading. If there are any traders out that are happy with their prop firm please email me or post it, so I can get the details. I am not licensed. I thank you very much.
  2. Do Prop firms invest with profitable traders?. I mean do prop firms provide capital/money for trading.
  3. With returns like that, why not just trade for yourself. Im sure you would get up to a sizeable account pretty quickly. It may take a little more time, shouldnt be that long with those kinds of returns though. Just my opinion.
  4. Assuming you started with a small $5k trading account, you should have over $600k if you generated those kind of returns. Whatever you were doing, dont change it. You should've stuck to trading part time, kept those returns going and retired in a few more years. Now you will spend too much time on the market, overanalyze, make bad trades, and blow your account.

    Reminds me of the football player that doesnt wash his lucky socks and his team wins every game, then as they go to superbowl, he washes the socks right before the game. Why you want to mess with a good thing? Everyone knows greed kills in this industry.
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    how could you be up 450% in 2009 when you were stumbling in the market?


    yet the same day you were talking about making $500 / day:

    that would wind up being about 125,000 for the year. at 450%, that would mean you started the year with 23000. in 2008, you made 220%. that would mean you had 7500 the year before. since you were trading part-time, you wouldn't need to take out much for living. and you were making money before then.

    needless to say, those numbers don't add up.

    then, you said your IB account has 70k:
    http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&postid=2678485#post2678485 so at 450%, that would mean you started the year with 12700. that 2008 gain would mean you started with 4000. and again, those numbers don't add up.

    and why would you want to ask for information in a place that only 'bashes' you, as you think?

    i don't have the answer to all those contradictions. but then again, i'm not a newbie with no history looking for people to email me their winning systems like in this post:

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    LOL to poster above me. I've never seen a forum so laden with Bull**it as this one.
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    Good detective work Gaj.
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    I was never stumbling, read the post idiot. I was looking to meet traders and help them. People like you are the reason why the world is like it is. I am so sorry I even posted here. I am done with this forum. Everything I read is people like you bashing others. All any one has to do is go to search and type in a user id to read all there post. This idiot gaj did nothing special to find my one old post.
  9. Even if you're legit, why in the world would you want or need a prop firm if you're making multiple hundreds of percent returns every year already on your own? It makes no sense.
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    The accounts I trade are not mine, I trade 2 accounts at IB. I WANT TO TRADE FOR MY SELF NOW. I thought a prop firm would be a good avenue. I am sorry that i even posted here. Good luck to the ones that are really trying hard to better them selves.
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