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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Kap, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Kap


    ..took 844 points off the Dow today, best day ever for me, ... I just felt I had to tell someone... not the missus for sure

    Roll on the Volatility :)
  2. No P/L sheet? :confused:
  3. There's a P&L thread for that, no need to start a new thread just because you made money. man, you've been here since 2003, you should know better :p

  4. Hey coke you got any dope :eek:
  5. congrats...great trading...was it the YM, DIA or DIA options etc.?...great trading...how many contracts or shares etc.
  6. Nah, sold it all to your mom :D

  7. Kap


    cheers, only started making decent moola when i removed all indicators !

    4 contracts YM derivative, 844 points after commish ..500+ trades..over 8 pages of trades so quite a lot to show but i'll try knock something up.
  8. WOW! 500+ trades!!!!!!!!
  9. Kap


    Scalping like a madman for 10 hrs