Well.. We can't fix the economy. So lets rig the stock market.

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  1. Bunch of useless pieces of shit in the senate.

    What will the uptick rule do for John Doe who can't afford his mortgage?
  2. What does this have to do with stock market TRADING???

    Stop posting this garbage here.
  3. Uptick rule has nothing to do with daytrading?

  4. lol
  5. Is your reading comprehension that terrible, or is your logic always so convoluted?

    That wasn't your "point" and you know it.

    You were criticizing the Senate.
    You were asking how this ( the uptick rule ) was gonna be helpful to those like "John Doe" that are unable to afford their mortgages.

    Everyone knows that the "uptick" rule has absolutely NOTHING to do with mortgages, or someone's ability to afford paying theirs.

    Get real.
  6. Shut the f up.
  7. The truth hurts.
  8. What did I miss? Are they going to reinstate the uptick rule or something?

  9. bh_prop


    Why is it on trend up days words like rigged, PPT, etc start spewing from the keyboards of frustrated ET bears?
  10. You can say that again!
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