Well this am

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  1. was a 98% probability of a rally.

    hope you took advantage
  2. And yesterday was Sunday. Tell a friend.
  3. Glad you banked
  4. Boehner at 4, Viagra at 3
  5. Lucrum


    What's the probability that you start mentioning these fantastic predictions BEFORE the fact, instead of FOUR HOURS later?
  6. when I post before the fact, you find a reason to bash anyway.

    ps, over your head, but the mere fact that I posted THIS was a signal that the rally was finished. spooooze down 7 from my call

    try again.

  7. Lucrum


    LOL to be honest I don't recall any predictions before the fact, but I'll take your word for it, of course.

    Just so I'm clear. Your so called "call" four hours after the fact was really an inverse "call" to do the opposite of the apparent "call"; we poor Cretans had merely to decipher the "call code"?

    Well...why didn't you say so?
  8. Ha! :D

  9. "was a 98% probability of a rally.

    hope you took advantage"

    Well, if the rally was still in place, I wouldn't have used the past tense.

    took, not take.

    Thus, the rally must have been over.

    Real simple if you just apply that small organ between your large ears.
  10. Lucrum


    So...which broker are you using that accepts orders in "past tense"?
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