Well there is a year's worth of trading down the tubes

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  1. I thought I had a moderately good year since I was up 25% in my account for 2007. Now I am right back where I started . Probably not the only one either.
  2. Sorry to hear that Chris. Maybe it's time to reevaluate your money management practices. To lose entire year's profit in less than a month would be a red flag in my opinion.
  3. You will find misery here with others - human nature. But in reality, what you need to do, is take a week or a month off. Because the next few trades are going to be all emotional (trying to get back what you lost). And that is a no-no in this business
  4. Chris can you give me an example
    how much did you loose and did you loose in futures or stock or long tem hold
    Loosing 1 year $ worth is no joke my friend
    It not the money we see but also the time you have spent
    Hope everything works out good for you
    Take care
  5. Nope


    How did you do it?
  6. I wouldn't say it's been a "normal" start to the year. But it is no different than when the DOW rose 2000 points in a flash.

    Sorry to hear that bro. But look at the bright side. Many folks (including myself) will take this opportunity to truly test their system.

    You learn from your mistakes (or those of others). Use your losses to "tweak" your system so it does not repeat itself.
  7. Hey this is nothing compared to the first few years where I actually lost $. I was just making a comment that I've got the same amount of $ in my account now as I had a year ago. Mostly moaning that I could have benn banging the old lady at 6:30 in the morning instead of watching my screen for all the good it did me. The funny thing is, I've lost it ( or should say have a paper loss) mainly by buying and holding instead of actively taking profits. My LFC, Cop, C, Nok etc.. are all down enough off their highs that if I cashed out now I would be even for the year. I haven't actually had a losing trade this year.
  8. yep,i got slammed as well and of course again today trying to make what i lost back yesterday. we know how that turns out! obviously i am not that good of a trader if i constantly do this.
  9. Surdo


    At least you learned that you should never let trading get in the way of your humping schedule, put a laptop on the night stand, if you have to!
    el surdo
  10. Wise words Surdo, wise words.
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