Well that was a sick run...wonder how much longer this bad boys gonna last.

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Bugsy, Aug 6, 2020.

  1. Bugsy


    Sick run on the ES Mini's.

  2. Not really a sick run compared to what we've seen earlier this year. Not even up 1 % yet. :)
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  3. Bugsy


    Ahhh yes, well I haven't been in the game for very long unfortunately, strictly daytrading at quality levels I mean.
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  4. What's sick is that we just filled the gap created the 21st of February when the market collapsed and are pretty much back to where it all started. Who would have thought in March.

    What a recovery.
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  5. Market is even more inversely correlated to the social /economic state of the US. Fire up the printing presses! Bring on more stimulus, baby!
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  6. Bugsy


    Well I tried stocks initially, but it's just so much damn work screening for volatile stocks that you can also short without problems. Throw wash sales and short term capital gains taxes in and it's too f'ing much. Futures are far easier to deal with and volatile enough to make them worth playing daily.
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  7. Girija


    I follow ur predictions on ES jrnl. Do you have a weekly outlook. Wondering if i shd be backin off Es a bit. It has so far been a productive scalp for me with occasional big rides.
  8. I had an upside weekly prediction of 3250 and a Week High coming late in the week.

    We pretty much hit that today, so it's possible this is all we got considering the gap fill from the 21st is out of the way.

    But if I were to guess - maybe 3350-60 by tomorrow?
  9. Overnight


    Stick around...You'll see sicker runs, in both directions.
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  10. Bugsy


    Hopefully I'm on the right side of them when they happen :sneaky:
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