Well, that that kinda hurt

Discussion in 'Trading' started by corbel, May 6, 2010.

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    Off to jump out a window. See ya!
  2. Where is the chart of the "Black Swan" posted a while back?
  3. ?.....Isn't your office on the first-floor? :confused: :D
  4. corbel


    lol yup! Then I went and got some coffee and the dow has paired it's losses a bit
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  6. GTG


    I went downstairs to eat a snack....I'm kind of glad I wasn't at my screens during the spike. One stock I bought this morning in the teens shows a low price for the day of 0.01 :eek: Several other stocks on my screen are showing 0.01 lod's too. I'm actually glad I missed the whole thing...I probably would have been freaking out...now I'm kind of relieved that the market is only down 4% or so, even though this is probably my worst trading day of the year so far. (All long today...bleh..)
  7. margin call?
  8. you mean the united states got a margin call right ? :D
  9. Hehehe...I was in nothing but gold & silver. I saw no spike, just upward momentum. Got a +$30 gain in gold. Not too bad. :)