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  1. ME!

    Hi, I am certain that there is a section for career changers? Let me know.

    I am so new to the forum world. I am really looking forward to get things going.

    You have any pointers? (be nice)
  2. high
  3. High? Caffeine all the time! Rocks.

    Quick someone tell me if they want to get into Radio?
  4. Not only do I want to get on Radio, but I also want Jack Silver to be my producer and I want to have an Arbitron rating. I'd like a multi-year contract with CBS Radio and the afternoon drive slot if possible.
  5. How I wish everyone knew what they wanted.

    What do you do now?

    Do you like shortcuts?

    Can you take a helping hand if it's given? Do you think you deserve one?

  6. AM Radio is the future how do i get my start?
  7. And it works.

    I started down the four yr University route. Course, I had no idea what I wanted and switched my major so many times my head would spin.

    I found Radio Connection School. They took me into their program and I have been successful working at a radio station for several years now.

    I wish I had known...is a thought I have had many times on many subjects. But this is serious.

    If you have more questions from a person who went thru the program after you look at their website. Let me know.