We'll never have another crash like 87

Discussion in 'Trading' started by detective, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. The Fed will ride to the rescue, and dump hoards of cash everywhere. Welcome Weimer regime.

    The people at the Fed are such wu$$es that they see whiny crap mortgage lenders and investment banks and hedge funds losing money and bail them out. And are will to take their confetti backed securities as collateral.

    Wow, we're going to be in a world of hurt, the Dow might never go under 12000, but instead we'll be paying for loaves of bread in Benjamins (Bernakes?).

  2. una11


    You changed your mind pretty quick - you were all doom and gloom and now you say the Dow will never go below 12k???

    *Also sounds like you are heavily short*
  3. When I am talking about crash, I am talking about 1987 proportion moves, 20% market down days. That will not be allowed under the Fed, they won't let that happen, they will halt the market and announce that money will be available for everyone, you could collaterize the dump that you took that morning and they've probably give you a million to go buy stocks with. lmao.
  4. You sound sour :p
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    Interesting. Ever since the "Greenspan put" was instituted I think there will be a floor on the maximum amount the market will fall in ONE DAY. Everytime there's jittery, Fed and now the ECB too will jump in to pump more $ into the system.

    When will this stop working? Or will it always work?
  6. The Fed controls the money supply, it will work if they want it to, and they want it to

    The Fed put is alive and well, and of course inflation is just 3%, just like the government tells us. No worries.