Well Morons Nasdaq Will Be Down Another 1.5% On 1/19/07

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BlueStreek, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. trade accordingly...i.e........try to participate this time.....:cool:
  2. maybe a few more days like today and you will be back to breakeven :D
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    Good one :)
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    again blue, come on.... I'm bearish on this market but posting such thoughts is worthless. Im sure your short and have plenty of puts, but you have to stop this wishful thinking.

    What I see in the next few weeks is a minor pullback, however its going to take ALOTTTT more than todays action to shake out the bulls. The bulls still own this market and will for a while. Many bears are happy when they see great companies post great results and fall 3%, 5% or even 10%. To me it doesnt mean much, for a bear to celebrate, large tech companies like IBM and AAPL have to miss completely and at least guide down to feel that there is a slowdown in the works and that shorting and buying puts may be the place to be. I bearish but Im seeing some bargains that I may grab if there is somewhat of a drop tomorrow.
  5. He needs a month worth to get back to break even (assuming he still has money left after the relentless pounding his shorts have taken over the last 4 months).
  6. last week was the time to get long gold. today was the day to get long oil, and today was the day to get short stocks. not yesterday, and not the day before. =)
  7. GOOG better behave on Jan 31. :D
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    HAHAHAHAHA..................it better.

    IF goog does its thing 550-575....if not say hellllloooo to 400.

    My prediction is for goog to be trading below 400 by the end of 2007.
  9. you mean like rack, sap, amd, mot,....those aren`t just misses, those are complete whiffs------hardware, software----what more info do you need to see that tech wasn`t the place to park that 'oil money'---the valuations in tech are absolutely out of line with the fundamentals, and they are going to get killed over the next 3 months.


    GOOG will be back under 450 in 3 months

    bidu under 105 in 3 months.

    ibm under 84 in 3 months.

    aapl under 82 in 3 months.

    chtr under 2.50 in 3 months.

    yhoo under 26 in 3 months.

    rimm under 105 in 3 months.

    and these are conservative estimates----but all across the board you have 15% froth in these tech stocks from here----and you should have been shorting goog at 503, bidu 134, etc----most of you idiot dip buyers missed out on shorting all these tech stocks at rediculous highs last week like i did, and this is the 2nd time in less than 40 days that you were given the gift of shorting aapl,goog, bidu, rimm, chtr, yhoo, at these inflated prices-----the tech stocks all were faded 40 days ago, oil money came in, pushed them back up, you have your double-top resistance levels set up, the setups were as easy as pie, b/c this was an artificial attempt to park money----just for the sake of "parking money" not because of fundamental improvement in the tech sector---if you missed shorting goog the first time at 515, you got a second chance, when they pushed it all the way back up from 460.00 to 504.00 in the span of 2 weeks---the true weakness in tech has been apparent for some time, tech has been selling off for 2 months, just oil and commodities collapsed at the beginning of the new year, and they tried to just "shove it"--square peg in a round hole type of shove, into tech---irregardless of the fundamentals--well that will work until earnings comes out--and the fundys speak the truth---i.e. imposes rational measures of valuation for stocks given their future growth and earnings prospects.
  10. Ya know blue, you may actually be correct this time. Needless to say, I will still be looking for longs because the trend is still upward on the intermediate and long term. I couldn't find any stocks to buy the last few days so that tells me something is probably going on, but I don't think we will know for sure until Monday. I only have 3 long postions open right now and 2 of them are still doing very well while the nasd is tanking.

    Ford and GM still look good to me so I will probably purchase some of each tomorrow especially if the market environment is hostile.
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