Well, just got AOL DSL

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by viewpoint, Oct 31, 2002.

  1. I'll try this AOL DSL free for a month.

    One thing I realized while hooking up this stuff is that, I now only have DSL (the one wall phone jack now hooks up to the DSL modem.).

    I do still have dial-up available; but first, I will have to unhook this DSL set up and re-hook the dial-up if I want to use dial-up.

    If I have DSL connection problem in real-time intraday trading, I couldn't go through the hassle (not fast enough anyway).

    Is there a way I can have both DSL and dial-up hooked up at the same time and simply switch back and forth as necessary? Should I take one end of a long extension cord into the dial-up jack in the back of computer and the other end to another phone jack? Will that do?

    In some ways, I'm worse off now because, whereas I had AOL and MSN before (by dial-up), now I only have AOL DSL as the only ISP to rely on.
  2. If I were you I would simply get another line. The cost would be very minimal for the extra protection you will have.
  3. DSL should run on top of your regular phone line. You can split the lines coming out of the wall jack and have one going to your DSL modem and one going to your dial up modem (or to your phone). You will need a DSL filter between the wall jack and your dial up modem (not between the wall jack and your DSL modem).
    Hope this helps.
  4. I appreciate the helpful advice I received from you and other people, nyc-hotshot and others. Thank you.
  5. Your idea rocks!