Well I didnt see that coming....

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Cdntrader, May 23, 2009.

  1. Thunderstorm killed my modem AND my router.

    Luckily wasn't doing much trading last week.

    Anyone else ever have this happen?
  2. No, but I have heard of similar. Did you have them running through a good surge protector. My battery back ups have surge protection built in? Maybe it's time to invest in whole house surge protection?
  3. maxpi


    I managed to kill my computer without even a storm last weekend. It hung up and I got tired of waiting and killed the power... had to rebuild from the OS up with a full format...

    I've lost a modem to a storm though..
  4. You need a battery backup, surge protectors wont do anything. A battery backup - if you get a surge, the battery takes the hit, keeping the power regulated to your pc. Dont run all your stuff off of one, or it will drain the battery.

    I keep 2 monitors and my PC on a battery - it will give me about an hr of power - my cable modem is plugged into it own with my router and printer.
  5. pspr


    Redundency is the best way to go. I've had computers, air conditions, and stereo/tv systems all fall prey to some distant electrical storm. If your insurance doesn't cover the damage, its best to install heavy duty surge protection. Lost data can never be recovered.

    First do as others have said and get a quality battery backup with surge protection. This is just as important as doing your hard drive backups.

    Also, install housewide surge protection using a Tytewadd surge protector. If you don't know much about electrical, hire an electrician to install this device. One day it WILL more than pay for itself for you although you'll never know it because the damage will be averted. It is simple to install but if you don't cut the power you can be seriously hurt or killed installing it.

  6. actually only the router was on the surge protector (oops).
  7. you should try trading inside... just a suggestion.