Well, boys, some of you have to be short in NFLX

Discussion in 'Trading' started by heilbronner, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. Short % of Float (as of 8-Dec-03): 69.78%. IMHO unseen after 1999.
    Who of you guys is short?
    C'om on. Time for some coming out.
  2. noddyboy


    I am. I hope it goes up more so I can short more.
  3. How current is your % information?
  4. noddyboy


    Bloomberg shows less than 50%. Who is your source?

    NFLX always had a high short interest to float ratio.

    But it traded 12M out of the float of 20M. Doesn't that mean something as well in terms of capitulation? The shorts now are different that the shorts of yesterday.

    They have to be right? If 50% of the shares are already borrowed, and perhaps the shorts borrow 10% more today (2M shares), it still meant that 10M shares traded were NOT borrowed, so some other short must have covered.

    Okay the math is a little fuzzy. Let's say 8M new shares were shorted today and 6M old shorts were covered. That still means a lot of shorts took a big loss.

  5. My source is yahoo. IMHO you need big balls to end this thing profitable but it can be done. Additional capital is a must. NFLX to trade from the shortside isn't for the fainthearted.

    Best wishes. :)
  6. NetFlix, sending/receiving DVDs through the mail, is a joke and is doomed to failure when VOD starts putting out New Releases at the same time as the movie stores....

    That said, everyone I know has signed up for NetFlix's free trial, and everyone's telling everyone about it these days.....

    But, it's a fad, and so is the stock, and they'll both die a miserable death, no question.

    However, IB doesn't have shares to short, so I couldn't short it here even if I wanted....
  7. gaj


    i had puts a ways ago when it was back at 53? in october or november...

    if it shoots up another couple days, i'll get puts again. won't sell calls, even for the premium; i don't want to expose myself to the potential short squeeze.

    which brokers have shares to short, anyhow? thanks...

  8. Try options. Premium is high, but anyway your loss is limited.
  9. SLK has em
  10. noddyboy


    Definately agreed. I have less than 1% of my capital on this.
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