Welcome to the Recovery

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  1. I counter your position with this picture.

    The iphone4 line.



  2. Is that supposed to somehow negate a chaotic mob of 30,000 people so desperate for section 8 housing during the "summer of recovery" that 62 people were injured?
  3. I take it both of you will start making the argument that the entire country has good physical fitness once you see a picture of a group of runners in the city of fill in the blank.
  4. That's deffinitely in the top 10 non sequiturs for this month...

  5. 30 thousand people line up for section 8.

    Can you pass a drug test?

    Have you ever been arrested?

    Oh btw, we will have a psychological screening.

    Wonder how long the line would be then.

    When we have the results, we'll run it by the legal dept and of course if you're not a liability to our insurance carrier, then we'll call you.

    Sounds discrimnatory, yet you need to submit to these tests to get a job. Free housing should be much easier to get than a job.
  6. WTF?! iphone 4 line? I don't see enough blacks in that line!! Is apple racist??? I've had enough of these racists!! I only see 1-2 blacks there. There are more blacks at tea party rallys!!! APPLE IS RACIST!!!

  7. Somethings never change. The white people are out working enjoying the American dream while the black people are out looking for handouts. (Dont try to call me racist because its not racist if its the truth)

  8. Obama is the greatest con man of all time. His credo is "fake it until you make it" and he made it.

    He's just milking it for all it's worth, he knows he doesn't belong there, he's not qualified nor does he have any idea what to do.

    Taking first class vacations, sending his wife and kids out on the town, parties and so on and so fourth.
  9. Arnie


    Section 8 vouchers are a way out of the housing projects. I quess technically its a "handout", but can you really blame people for taking advantage of something that will better their life?
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